ASMR Toy Train Review

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ASMR Toy Train Review

Hey recruits! Join SkyDoesMinecraft in ASMR Toy Train Review with ThatGuyBarney and RedVacktor. FryMedia couldn’t pay rent, now the landlords kicking them out! Can Red, Sky, and Barney sneak by the angry mob and escape Barney’s parent’s house? Sky acts out in depression and eats a bunch of cookies that make him fat. Then, he decides to do an ASMR toy train review for views. Luckily for him, the video goes viral, but things to end up entirely well for Sky Does Minecraft. So, stay tuned to see what happens in this hiliarous gameplay/commentary. If you enjoyed this episode, slap that like button and comment down below for more! Also, don’t forget to subscribe and click that notification bell, so you never miss a funny moment! Thanks for watching ASMR Toy Train Review See you next time recruits!

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